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Positions of Power

Every settlement in SAELIG has various Positions of Power. The exact number of positions available varies based on a number of factors, but usually a bigger settlement will have more positions.


This is the current King of England. You cannot become king.


These are the oldest people within the settlement. The number of Elder positions available is directly linked to the population of the settlement.

Benefits of being an Elder:

  • You will receive a small amount of silver everyday.

  • You will be presented with various small Elder events.

  • You will be able to vote for and elect other people into power.


The Town Reeve is essentially in charge of the law and there can be only one per settlement. The position is applied for, then the Elders will vote for their favourite applicant at the next Elder Vote.

Benefits of being a Town Reeve:

  • You can declare anyone to be an outlaw, which puts them at a huge disadvantage as they will likely end up paying a huge fine, or end up in the pit.

  • You can assign specific buildings as high priority for the Watchmen to patrol. This is useful if you want to provide your own buildings with a bit extra protection.

  • You can confiscate goods from another person's building.

  • You have immunity from local law.

  • Receive a portion of all fines issued by your Watchmen.

It is important to note, that some of these actions are considered corrupt. For instance if you continually declare innocent people to be outlaws, or confiscate goods, the Elders may begin to view you as too corrupt to stay in office and either kick you out, or not vote you back in. Though remember, all sins can be forgiven if you have enough gold, and honestly, the church roof is due a repair.


The Abbot position is only available in settlements that have a church. Abbots are tasked with taking care of Church business and keeping the Monks out of trouble. Like the Town Reeve, this position is applied for and then voted on during the next Elder Vote.

Benefits of being an Abbot:

  • You control the Church production. This includes things like Wine, Incense, and Honey.

  • You are able to collect donations.

  • You can bless people, which gives them a small buff for a short time.

  • You have immunity from local law.


Each settlement has Watchmen, the exact number of Watchmen is directly linked to the population of the settlement. Watchmen are expected to intercept criminals, prosecute people, and perhaps most importantly; defend people from Vikings.

Benefits of being a Watchman:

  • You will be provided with a sword.

  • You will receive a wage.

  • You can patrol whenever you like, you are not bound to specific hours.

  • If you are alerted to criminal scum you can prosecute the criminal. They will either pay a fine or be sent to the pit.

No matter what Position of Power you hold, you are able to continue going about your daily business as normal.



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