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Being a landlord in SAELIG can be a great way to earn money, or a great way to go bust. Here are some pointers to get you going.


  • People don't have endless money and they can only spend what they earn. If your housing is too expensive people will be less likely to move in.

  • If you have good tenants consider applying some additional upgrades to the home to keep them happy.

  • Consider employing your tenants, this will allow you to make back the wages you pay them.

  • Buy up as much housing as you can and completely take over the market. If people cannot find a house to buy, they'll be forced to rent if they do not want to live in the bunkhouse.

  • Poor people will often have very little in savings and often will require two incomes to cover food and rent. This allows you to be either very kind, or very mean.

  • Setting high prices for rent will attract higher standing familes that are less likely to skip out or miss rent. However this also means they may be just living in your rental for a short time until they can buy or build their own home.

  • When eyeing up an investment property consider how far away it is from work areas. People don't like walking all morning to go to work and so will usually opt for a home close to their work.



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